Jiangsu Silver Tin Thread Hi-Temp Wire and Cables Co, Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of high temperature wires and cables, including Teflon, silicone rubber, FRPVC and mica tape insulated nickel wire, silver plated copper wire, nickel plated copper wire, tinned copper wire and bare copper wire, which are widely used for electrical equipment, control, signal transmission, computer, thermal compensation, fire resistance, high low temperature and high voltage applications etc. With registered trademark of "Yuanzhi", the company is now able to make cables of max. conductor size 400sqmm, max voltage rating 100KV and temperature rating -60 to +1200' C.

The company has possessed the leading production lines and testing equipment in the country organizing to produce in strict accordance with national standard and International standard with full process control from material purchase to finished product ex-works. Modern production scale combined with exquisite ensures us to produce fish-class cable products Our advanced productive force results form advanced cable production equipment.


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No.668 East Beijing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
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