High Voltage Cable

High voltage wire

Silicone Rubber Insulation High voltage Wire is very flexible for bending. Moreover, it has a  wide operating temperature range and high voltage resistant as well. The  electrical properties meet or exceed even the best organic insulation materials.  Also radiation resistant, moisture resistant, deformable, and defenses the  corrosion of some chemicals such as acid. This high voltage cable is suitable for TV high voltage as connecting  wire between rectify and kinescope, or as connecting wire or fixing wire in  other appliance and instrument. The long−term operating temperature of the  wire: ≤200°C.

Fluorinated Ethylene  Propylene (FEP) high voltage wire, this wire achieves high voltage protection  due to the excellent dielectric properties of FEP and therefore has smaller  diameters than other high voltage wires. FEP also has a high stress crack  resistance and retains its toughness and flexibility even at higher  temperatures up to 200°C.  This wire is  very resistant to chemicals including transformer oils.  It has a low coefficient of friction, low  flammability, negligible moisture absorption, and excellent resistance to ozone  sunlight and weather.